The Sound Art Experience
Truly Wireless
Hang your art anywhere and enjoy full-bodied sound from speakers that beautifully showcase your favorite art. No wires, no limits. Control your music from your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Sound Art is truly a revolution in sound. It represents a paradigm shift in the way you listen to your sound and enjoy your art in your home. There is a distinct change in the decor of your home when you can hang up custom artwork with amazing sound technology behind it.

Come have a look and browse our Online Store and find the beautiful artwork that you'd love to have in your home. Don't see anything you like? Or would like a more personalized touch? No problem, send us your images and photos, and we'll build a Personalized Sound Art piece for you.
Featured Sound Art
Personalized Sound Art

Undoubtedly the most popular Sound Art option. You send us the photography or images you would love to hang on your wall, and we'll custom create it for you at no additional cost.
> Personalized Sound Art
Still Life Art

A modern contemporary piece. This image by Fantin-Latour is crisp, lively and mouth-watering. The delicacy of the image would serve as a great addition to any home, office, hotel or restaurant.
> Still Life Art
Classic Art

This beautiful image by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer is sometimes called The Kitchen Maid. The plain textured room co-insides very smoothly with the colors of the pottery container and bread basket.
> Classic Art
Traditional Portrait

By William-Adolphe Bouguereau. The young girls white, flawless facial structure is perfectly complimented by the dark wavy wall in the background.
> Traditional Portrait Art

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